The Yangi Asr Avlodi Publishing and Printing Center was founded in 1999. The publishing house works in two main directions: the publication plan and literature to order. Based on the publishing plan, the publishing house contains a number of areas to meet the needs of today’s reader, and these areas also have their own goals. More than 500 books have been published in such sections, for example, “Youth Library”, “New Age Literature”, “Young Reader”, “Pearls of Wisdom”, “Key to Success”, “World Literature Library”, “Children’s Literature”. are being republished at the request of readers.

The Yangi asr avlodi publishing and printing house closely cooperates with a number of writers and literary critics, including the Hero of Uzbekistan Ibrohim Gafurov, academician Akmal Saidov, Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan Khurshid Dostmukhammad, members of the Writers’ Union.

Uzbekistan Ulugbek Khamdam, Abdukayum Yuldashev and Rustam Jabborov. The Yangi asr avlodi publishing house has started publishing 100 books by writers, which are included in school textbooks as part of the Youth

Reader” project for schoolchildren. For many years, the publishing house has been working to gradually form an audience of its students, to have its own style and direction, to establish close cooperation with authors and translators, to discover young talents.

Yangi Asr Avlodi publishing house successfully participates not only in book festivals throughout the country, but also in international book exhibitions in Germany, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In addition, cooperation has been established with publishing houses operating in foreign countries, including Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, and a number of books have been published on the basis of mutual agreements.

In order to further expand and improve its activities, the Yangi asr avlodi publishing house closely cooperates with the online bookstore. Delivery of publishing products under the order was launched directly in a short time through the online trading system. Newly published books are regularly delivered to major bookstores across the country.

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